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Danielle T. Harrell | Women’s Education Alliance

Women’s Education Alliance (WEA) named Danielle T. Harrell, Ed.S. as the new director of WEA educational programs.

WEA assists in the education and formation of qualified Pre-K through 12th grade students by providing scholarships and school support services to Catholic community schools serving economically disadvantaged families in Baltimore.

Over the past 23 years, Harrell has concentrated her career on improving the education of students at the elementary and secondary school levels as well as those requiring special education services. Harrell has served in the Ohio education system in positions that include leadership coach and transformation specialist for school principals, principal of two Ohio secondary schools, certified trainer leader for Ohio Leadership Advisory Council (OLAC), Trainer for Ohio Improvement Process (OIP), coordinator of special education services for an Ohio school district, and Assistant Principal.

Moving to Baltimore in July 2020, Harrell was the community school director for the Y of Central Maryland coordinating all services for WEA.

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