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Kunjan Tokekar

Director, Industrial Engineering
Volvo Group Trucks

For six years, Kunjan Tokekar has served as director of industrial engineering at Volvo Group Trucks. He joined Volvo in 2008, after a two-year stint at Caterpillar Inc., where he worked as a senior industrial engineer. Prior to his current role, Tokekar has worked as both a senior manufacturing engineer and manager of manufacturing engineering at Volvo. He received his master’s degree in industrial technology from Eastern Michigan University.

How did the COVID-19 pandemic affect your company or organization?

“COVID-19 affected our organization in the same way as everyone. However, we were able to put in safety measures in place and continue to work in the manufacturing sector. We all had to learn how to efficiently work in a virtual environment.”

What is the most significant challenge facing Maryland manufacturers?

“In my view, shortage of the right skills for today and for the future continues to be our challenge. We need to make sure we are working very closely with the educational institutions in our communities to prepare the workforce of tomorrow.”