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Michael Galiazzo

Regional Manufacturing Institute of Maryland

Dr. Michael Galiazzo has been president of the Regional Manufacturing Institute of Maryland for the past 20 years.

Galiazzo earned his Ph.D. in community college leadership from the University of Texas at Austin, and a Master’s Degree in applied behavioral science from John’s Hopkins University.

In the past year, the Regional Manufacturing Institute of Maryland’s most significant accomplishment has been to write legislation, recruit legislative sponsors and gather bipartisan support in the state House of Delegates and Senate to establish the “Transforming Manufacturing in a Digital Economy Work Group – Making It in Maryland.”

The idea behind the work group is to identify new and emerging digital technologies that are shaping the future of work and devise the proper education and skills training needed for businesses to adopt the technologies.

Galiazzo said that the most significant challenge facing Maryland manufacturers at the moment is that the industry doesn’t enjoy a broad-based positive image.

“Challenges like attracting skilled workers and poor business climate are rooted in the issue of image,” he said. But he’s hopeful for the future. The institute recently partnered with Maryland Public Television on a new, 13-part series called “Made in Maryland” that will air starting Oct. 2.

“MPT’s extraordinarily high-quality productions will help improve the image of our industry by telling our story in meaningful ways,” he said.