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CareFirst launches virtual primary care practice

CareFirst Inc. on Wednesday launched CloseKnit, an advanced primary care practice designed around a virtual-first delivery model.

The program will offer a variety of care services, including preventive and urgent care, behavioral and mental health, care coordination, and insurance navigation. Built around a team of patient-centric providers, CloseKnit is a groundbreaking approach to delivering continuous and connected care that’s affordable, transparent about costs and conveniently accessible through an easy-to-use app.

Headquartered in Baltimore and designed by CareFirst’s investment arm Healthworx, CloseKnit is a one-stop shop for primary and integrated care delivery. The practice’s care teams treat most cases virtually and provide in-person care through referrals to local providers when needed.

CloseKnit is open continuously and staffed by credentialed providers who adhere to the highest clinical standards. All CareFirst commercial members are eligible to join CloseKnit with costs paid through a member’s insurance benefits. The CloseKnit practice app is available for download in the Apple and Google app stores.