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Clinical Operations Manager, General Internal Medicine
Johns Hopkins Medicine

When the pandemic hit and so many others were forced to slow down, Jamison Kies’ work, as she put it, “was rocketing forward at warp speed.”

As a health care administrator at Johns Hopkins Medicine, she said, “it often felt like I had run a mental marathon daily as we attempted to keep up with ever-changing clinical guidance, shift our operations, and adjust to provide COVID-19 care where it was needed most.

“The purpose behind the work was what kept me driven and motivated, and the creativity necessitated by the pandemic to manage it all was invigorating.”

During the pandemic, Kies said, she worked with others to ensure vaccine equity.

“We recognized the inherent inequity of technology-driven services for vaccine scheduling and prioritized patients that are typically more socioeconomically disadvantaged to more evenly distribute the COVID-19 vaccine,” she said.

Kies considers guiding her team at Hopkins through the pandemic her most significant professional accomplishment.

“During a time of chaos and immense uncertainty, I worked to organize, steady and calm through rapid change and concurrent innovation,” she said. “I was able to pair two things that I love — genuine support of people and creativity — to navigate through a burdensome time.”

Since moving to Maryland five years ago, Kies has met other young professionals named to The Daily Record VIP List. “To be likewise considered as someone worthy to deserve this recognition is an honor,” she said.

Kies earned her bachelor’s degree at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and, in 2018, her Master of Health Administration at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

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