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Sheppard Pratt launches new division to support behavioral health services

Sheppard Pratt on Tuesday announced a new division that will support the increased demand for behavioral health services locally, regionally and nationally.

Sheppard Pratt Solutions utilizes the extensive expertise of its mental health professionals to provide consulting, management services and development-based partnerships to help health care organizations nationwide establish and improve delivery of hospital and community-based behavioral health services in their community.

Sheppard Pratt Solutions will partner with hospitals, health care systems and organizations to optimize their existing mental health services or expand behavioral health services across a variety of care settings. Sheppard Pratt Solutions consultants have decades of experience, including in serving underserved areas, both in urban and rural settings, and will leverage that experience with a variety of approaches. These approaches include crisis, inpatient, outpatient, collaborative care, telepsychiatry and consult liaison services.

Sheppard Pratt Solutions consultants have experience across the country. In addition to consulting services, Sheppard Pratt Solutions provides management and development services to its partners.  Regionally, Sheppard Pratt has been providing management-based contract services for years.

With its management services, Sheppard Pratt directly manages existing or new behavioral health care services by providing executive and clinical leadership on-site and remotely through a longer-term contractual agreement. The team can also help health care organizations develop new behavioral health care capacity across a variety of care settings in their community.

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