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Christy Wyskiel

Executive Director
Johns Hopkins Technology Ventures

Since 2013, Christy Wyskiel has served as executive director of Johns Hopkins Technology Ventures, which is responsible for industry research partner- ships and fostering innovation through the FastForward incubator. She has co-founded two startups and serves as an adviser to others. Wyskiel holds a bachelor’s degree from Williams College and master of business administration from New York University.

What makes you excited about your job?

Two things get me up out of bed each morning. First, I get to help translate discoveries from Johns Hopkins University into real world products and services that improve human health and transform society in productive ways. Think early cancer detection, reversing blindness, and battery-operated vehicles.

Second, my work has a very tangible impact on my community, specifically the economic vibrancy of Baltimore. The innovations that we help bring to market are increasingly taking root in local companies, which represent job opportunities and increased vibrancy of this dynamic, complex, and under-appreciated city.

What is the biggest challenge your organization now faces?

Our work is highly technical, but also requires that we have vision and imagination. We must both fixate on the technicalities of a discovery and simultaneously consider the unrealized potential in something that is novel and nuanced. We must know what something is and what it could be. Helping to explain the possible and the practical is as critical as the science itself, because it means there is a business model.