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Dinorah Olmos

Dinorah Olmos

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Dinorah Olmos

Founding President and Executive Director
Latino Education Advancement Fund

Dinorah Olmos established the Latino Education Advancement Fund in 2016 and has helped students succeed — attending specialized schools, getting scholarships and accepted into prestigious programs such as the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth or Duke TIP.

LEAF is a nonprofit organization that uses the Family Academic Engagement approach for Latino families to develop lifelong academic success. The organization provides Latino families information, knowledge and skills to navigate schools and communities.

Olmos was born in Cholula, Puebla, Mexico and moved to California in 1982.

Prior to working for LEAF, Olmos worked for more than 30 years with schools, parents and communities across the United States, Mexico and Colombia. She served as assistant director of admissions for gifted students at the John Hopkins Center for Talented Youth.

Olmos graduated from California State University, Fresno, with a bachelor’s degree in mass communications/journalism, with an emphasis on public relations. She also has a master’s degree in leadership and organizational development from Fresno Pacific University and a post-graduate certificate on Leadership for Schools, Families, and Community Collaboration at Johns Hopkins University.

What makes you excited about your job?

“Working with Spanish speaking parents is not a job, is my passion. Talking and guiding them is what motivates me and charges me with energy.”

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