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Todd Eberly

Professor, Department of Political Science
St. Mary’s College

An associate professor of Political Science and coordinator of Public Policy Studies at St. Mary’s College of Maryland, Todd Eberly specializes in American health and welfare policy.

He is the author of several books, an adviser to Project Vote Smart and his commentary has been featured in The Washington Post, Baltimore Sun and on public radio/television.

What makes you excited about your job?

I love public policy. I love the politics, the process, the promise and frustration of it. In the end, nothing gets done without policy. Unfortunately, recent years have seen a dangerous and alarming rise in anger and resentment, a rise that many then manipulate for political gain. It’s troubling.

How was your organization and your work changed because of the pandemic?

I teach at a college that prides itself on small class sizes and direct interaction between professors and students. It’s difficult to achieve that level of interaction via Zoom or Google Meet. But in that way, the pandemic offered so many teachable moments. So, I used the changes, the adaptations, made in response to COVID to try and make what I was teaching feel more real and more relevant.

How you been personally affected?

As a parent, I worried for my children. I worried about them getting COVID. When schools switched to remote learning I worried about their education. As a son, I worried about my parents and my in-laws. I will say that the amount of misinformation that has spread regarding COVID and the vaccines has made me much more aware of the dangers of misinformation.