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Jenna Laube

Jenna Laube

Restoration Program Manager

U.S. Air Force

Jenna Laube is passionate about environmental responsibility and effecting positive change. By day, she is a professional engineer who manages environmental cleanup sites for the U.S. Air Force. Among her professional accomplishments are designing, building, and operating environmental remediation systems across the U.S. and internationally. One key year-long project involved dissecting functional nodes and establishing operating limits for a global portfolio of sites in private industry, which she completed as a 2-person team with her VP of Engineering.

“Because I believe you get out of your experiences what you put you into them, I embrace every challenge and throw myself into learning as much as I can before problem-solving,” she said.

Laube earned her bachelor’s degree in environmental engineering from Johns Hopkins University.

She enjoys mentoring and still keeps in touch with young professionals from throughout her career.

Outside of work, Laube is committed to mental health support and women’s leadership development. She has served in leadership roles with Junior League since 2014 and has been a volunteer crisis counselor with Crisis Text Line since 2016. At CTL, she works with individuals who are reaching their breaking point, helping them regain a sense of calm and inspiring hope.

“I am continually working to improve as an environmental engineer, mental health advocate, and to be an example of strong female leadership personally and professionally,” Laube said.

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