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Rod Staatz

President and CEO (Retired)
SECU Credit Union

Before retiring in December 20198, Rod Staatz worked as president and CEO of SECU Credit Union for more than 15 years.

During his decades-long career in banking and financial services, Staatz has served in numerous executive roles at various institutions. Before joining SECU, Staatz was president and CEO of UW Credit Union and an executive vice president and chief operating officer at Bellco Credit Union. He is a graduate of the University of Northern Colorado.

In 2017, Staatz was named to the Maryland Financial Consumer Protection Commission by Gov. Larry Hogan. The 11-member panel monitors changes to federal finance law, regulations, budgets and policies and makes recommendations for federal and state action to protect consumers.

Staatz saw SECU grow under his leadership as it managed nearly $3.4 billion in assets for 250,000 members when he retired in 2018. That was nearly triple the $1.36 billion when he took over in 2003.

While at SECU, Staatz was a big supporter of community involvement. He oversaw participation in organizations like United Way of Central Maryland, the Maryland Food Bank and the University of Maryland Children’s Hospital. He is also a strong proponent of efforts to help young adults improve financial literacy. He told The Daily Record in 2018 that technology is the biggest change that is impacting the banking industry.

“It’s hard to predict which change will be the most important, but what’s the next iteration of technology? What’s the next iteration of services or loans? The most important thing is trying to be on the leading edge of understanding what our members want or need,” he said.

He also served as chairman of the Credit Union National Association helping lead credit union advocacy efforts.

“You work hard for a long time, and you work with a great group of people, but at some point it’s someone else’s turn, to speak,” Staatz told The Daily Record in 2018. “That may sound simplistic, but it’s true.”

Staatz saw SECU grow under his leadership as it managed nearly $3.4 billion in assets when he retired in 2018 up from $1.36 billion when he took over in 2003.

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