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Jonathan Schochor

Senior Managing Partner
Schochor, Federico and Stanton

As a medical negligence attorney and senior managing partner, Jonathan Schochor and his firm Schochor, Federico and Stanton have been awarded more than $1 billion on behalf of its clients. 

One of Schochor’s most prominent cases was a class-action lawsuit against Johns Hopkins Hospital after a doctor photographed and videotaped patients without their consent. With more than 8,000 patients participating, Schochor won a $190 million settlement. Another headline making case involved a breast surgeon who did not disclose his HIV status while performing invasive surgeries on patients. Through litigation, Schochor helped to establish a new legal precedent in the state requiring doctors to alert patients if they are HIV positive. 

A Penn State University graduate, he and his wife Joan endowed two liberal arts scholarships at the higher educational institution — one for undergraduates and another for graduate students. Schochor, who has lectured and taught lawyers, physicians and surgeons across the country, has served in multiple leadership roles for the Maryland Trail Lawyers Association. He is also active with the Kristin Rita Strouse Foundation and the Life and Breath Foundation. 

What advice would you offer anyone interested in a legal career? 

 My advice to any individual interested in becoming a lawyer is as follows: obtain the finest legal education possible. We have great law schools right here in Maryland! It is extremely important to obtain a position at a law firm with an individual mentor. While law school furnished an excellent foundation in many areas of the law, including an approach to legal analysis and problem-solving, it does not prepare a young lawyer for specialization. Therefore, the young graduate must complete what is essentially an apprenticeship in the specific area of the law he or she wants to pursue.