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M. Natalie Mcsherry

Kramon & Graham, P.A.

Accomplished trial lawyer M. Natalie McSherry hasn’t forgotten the key role of the rule of law in American society and government. 

“We must both help the public have access to and understand the legal system and courts, and at the same time work to improve the application of the law and legal system,” McSherry said. “Both are necessary to foster and protect the rule of law — both improvement of the legal system and public understanding of and access.” 

McSherry has been principal at Kramon & Graham for 13 years and has been active in the community, serving on the Access to Counsel in Evictions Task Force in 2021. She is the winner of the Winnie Borden Pro Bono Leadership Award from Maryland Volunteer Lawyers Service and the Arthur W. Machen Award from Maryland Legal Services Corporation, and she serves on the Leadership Council at My Sister’s Place. 

She has litigated many jury trials, including malpractice claims brought against health care providers and defended health care providers in licensing actions. She also has more than 40 years of experience in commercial litigation. 

“If you are doing something you love, and providing a service to society, it doesn’t feel like a burden, and it is perhaps one of the most satisfying and fulfilling professions,” McSherry said. “Be prepared to work hard, hold on to your humanity, and focus on solving problems for your clients, and you should sleep well at the end of the day.”