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Matthew J. Fader

Chief Judge
Court Of Special Appeals Maryland

In November 2018, at the age of 45 and only one year after being named to the court, Matthew Fader was appointed chief judge of the state’s second-highest court, the Court of Special Appeals. 

A graduate of Yale Law School, Fader was born in Towson. He previously worked as a trial attorney in the U.S. Department of Justice and as chief of litigation in the Maryland attorney general’s office. 

What is the biggest challenge facing the legal profession today? 

Given the many critically important issues facing the legal profession, I cannot identify any one challenge as the biggest. However, one multi-faceted and pervasive challenge is how to adapt to, embrace, understand and manage technology. The prevalence of technology in society generally, as well as continuous advances in the sophistication and utility of, and threats posed by that technology, give rise to both challenges and opportunities for a profession that is and should remain human-centered. 

What made you decide to enter the legal profession? 

Given my skills and interests, I thought the legal profession offered the best opportunity for me to make a positive difference in the world. The legal profession offers an unparalleled array of opportunities to work in areas that are fascinating, challenging, and incredibly meaningful. 

What advice would you offer anyone interested in a legal career? 

I would relay the three best pieces of advice I received as a young lawyer: search for opportunities to make a positive difference, always be more prepared than anyone else and jealously guard your credibility.