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Stacie E. Tobin

Partner-in-charge, Baltimore Office

With a practice focusing on litigation in commercial and product liability matters, Stacie E. Tobin serves as Partner-in-Charge of Venable’s Baltimore Office. The University of Maryland School of Law graduate has been with Venable for nearly a decade and previously served as a partner at DLA Piper LLP. 

The leader of Venable’s Electronic Discovery Task Force, she also is a member of several firm committees focusing on attorney recruitment, promotion and compensation. Tobin is also a member of the board of directors for the Greater Baltimore Cultural Alliance. 

What is the biggest challenge facing the legal profession today? 

We are a profession that has been built on a long history of precedent and a conservative approach to change, and now we are in a moment that has demanded abrupt, sweeping change in so many ways. Our challenge now is to be thoughtful about what we have learned and will continue to learn from what these circumstances have imposed on us, and what to retain going forward – not just in terms of remote work and virtual technologies, but also with regard to our role in social upheaval, economic shifts, and what loyalties employees and organizations may expect from one another. 

What advice would you offer anyone interested in a legal career? 

Understand that there is no single or correct path. People develop at different paces and for different reasons, and you will need to be able to think honestly about your goals, why they matter, and what it might take to achieve them and when. Accept that others may progress more slowly or quickly than you. You should focus on developing the skills, knowledge and ethical foundation to do your work well, and on devoting the time needed to provide quality service. Do not focus primarily on achieving a particular status or position; that will follow from consistently doing good work.