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Death of motorist held by Maryland troopers to be investigated

CENTREVILLE — Maryland state prosecutors will investigate the death of a motorist arrested by troopers and held in a cell before he became unresponsive, authorities said Saturday.

In keeping with a state law approved last year, the Independent Investigations Division of the Office of the Attorney General will examine the death of the man, who wasn’t identified by the office or by Maryland State Police.

Troopers conducting a traffic stop early Friday evening arrested the driver and accused him of possession of a controlled substance, according to news releases. The driver was conscious and responsive to questions at the time of his arrest, according to authorities.

He was taken to the state police barracks in Queen Anne’s County and placed in a cell. About two hours after he arrived at the barracks, the driver began “exhibiting signs of distress and became unresponsive,” the releases said. Troopers intervened and notified emergency medical services, which took him to a hospital where he died shortly before midnight, according to state police.

There is some camera footage, according to officials, which the Independent Investigations Division generally can release within 14 days of what happened.