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Aileen McShea Tinney

Aileen McShea Tinney

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Aileen McShea Tinney

President and CEO

Aileen McShea Tinney has spent her entire professional career in the senior health care field. She spent nearly 20 years at Catholic Charities, holding several senior leadership positions over her tenure, including division director of senior services. In 2016, she became vice president of Keswick Community Health and was named to her top leadership position in September.

“With Keswick as the largest foundation in Maryland solely dedicated to aging, my role honors our innovative past and engages across intersections of health care, housing and aging towards logical, dignified and simply better days ahead,” she said. “… My work goes beyond headlines, lifts up excellent, expert analysis of health care and aging services in all settings and uses the depth of our shared experience to move Keswick forward.”

What is your proudest professional accomplishment?

These are very humbling times. I am most honored to have led truly dedicated, competent teams throughout the pandemic in post-acute and long-term care, assisted living, adult day care, affordable housing with services, and community health. I remain in awe of the agility and excellence of colleagues at Keswick and at Catholic Charities, where I served until September 2021.

What’s is the most important life lesson you learned?

From a young age I learned the value of listening to much older voices. I have learned through their words, and in this life, that relationships are what really matter.

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