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Bruce E. Jarrell, M.D., FACS

University of Maryland, Baltimore

Born and raised in Caroline County, Bruce E. Jarrell began his career at the University of Maryland, Baltimore, in 1997 when he was named chair of the UM School of Medicine’s Department of Surgery. After that, he moved through a variety of leadership roles, eventually being named school president in September 2020.

“My job is to continue to nurture the culture of innovation and discovery at UMB,” Jarrell said. “I want each of the passionate people here to apply solutions to the pressing problems facing humankind. I also want each person to remain rooted in service, true to our core values and feel they belong and can succeed here.”

Like others in his field, Jarrell said his proudest professional accomplishment has been leading his organization through the challenges of a pandemic.

“During these challenging months,” he said, “UMB has been on the forefront of medical and societal advances, and we have strengthened our relationships with partners through our work to address the pandemic.”

Jarrell also is   an accomplished metalsmith and a member of the Blacksmith Guild of Central Maryland.

“I grew up on a farm on the Eastern Shore and started working with metal when I was about 10 in order to make things for the farm,” he said. “Now, I make ornamental objects and focus on learning new skills.”