Neil Meltzer

Daily Record Staff//March 31, 2022

Neil Meltzer

By Daily Record Staff

//March 31, 2022

Neil Meltzer

President and CEO
LifeBridge Health

As president and CEO of LifeBridge Health, Neil Meltzer leads a team of dedicated and compassionate professionals who are united in their mission to improve the health of the people and communities they serve. His role is to set the vision for the organization and then build a team of people to bring the concept to life as well as listen to staff for any new ideas.

Meltzer became LifeBridge Health CEO in 2013 after previously serving as president of Sinai Hospital. In February, he began a two-year term on the Advisory Panel on Outreach and Education, a federal health care advisory committee to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.

What is your proudest professional accomplishment?

I am so proud of our LifeBridge Health team and the courage, strength and resiliency they have shown in this pandemic. I am also very proud of the work we are doing in west Baltimore, an area facing many challenges and a community that deserves much more than they have had over the years. We are investing $85 million to transform Grace Medical Center (the former Bon Secours Hospital). After renovating the emergency department and adding new medical specialties, we just announced our final phase of the transformation — a 20,000-square-foot behavioral health facility that should open in 2023.

What’s is the most important life lesson you learned?

From a very early age, it was part of the fabric of my family to give back and help others. That has guided my decision making and career choices – what can I be doing to help others? That’s something that is at the very heart of LifeBridge Health’s purpose.

As a leader, I think it’s important to show empathy, vulnerability and your own humanity. It’s okay to say that you don’t know all the answers. In times of uncertainty or ambiguity, you need to keep the focus on your values and your mission.


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