Traci Kodeck

Daily Record Staff//March 31, 2022

Traci Kodeck

By Daily Record Staff

//March 31, 2022

Traci Kodeck

HealthCare Access Maryland

Traci Kodeck earned her master’s degree in public health from the University of Arizona, in 1999. The very next year, she was named vice president of HealthCare Access Maryland, a Baltimore nonprofit organization that helps Marylanders find the health insurance they need.

“I was driven by the mission and strategic focus back then and I continue to be proud of HCAM’s mission,” she said. “I served as the ‘No. 2’ for many years, developing and building new programs and services. I truly loved the work I was accomplishing and never saw myself as the CEO of the organization. When the opportunity presented itself in 2015, I had to put both feet forward. I haven’t looked back and I am so humbled for the opportunity.”

Her father, Kodeck said, taught her a valuable lesson early in her career, one that has served her well: Don’t burn bridges.

“Working in the field of public health in Maryland for over 20 years, you connect with many of the same players and partners,” she explained. “Relationship building and networking truly do create an environment of partnership, and you never know when you will meet someone who might be a partner down the road.”

Before the pandemic, Kodeck enjoyed spending time with her “energetic almost-nine-year-old” and her partner, Dr. Robert Atlas.

“We enjoyed taking road trips and continuing to visit all 50 states and look forward to getting back to those memories,” she said.


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