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Hogan to let ‘ghost gun’ ban become law

ANNAPOLIS — Legislation banning untraceable firearms, sometimes called “ghost guns,”  will become law without the signature of the governor.

The announcement Friday morning is the first in what is expected to be a series of decisions on 39 bills Gov. Larry Hogan will make known today.

Hogan, in an announcement on Twitter, said the identical House and Senate bills are “a positive step as we seek to stem the tide of violent crime — but it does nothing to penalize those who actually pull the trigger on firearms.”

The legislature sent more than three dozen bills to Hogan last week. Among those measures are bills to expand abortion access, institute new climate change goals and mandate paid leave for workers.

The move requires the governor to make decisions on the bills before the General Assembly finishes its work on Monday night. Any vetoes must be sent to the legislature today, giving lawmakers an opportunity to override those actions — especially important in the last year of a term because the legislature seated in January would not be able to override any remaining vetoed bills.

A spokesman for the governor said Hogan would be making announcements on measures throughout the day.