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Nathan Willner

Government Affairs Officer
National Creditors Bar Association

Nathan Willner’s approach to law and community engagement is to find common ground and bring people together.

Representing the National Creditors Bar Association, Willner was the attorney who prevailed in a case that ultimately came before the Maryland Court of Appeals and clarified the standard of proof required in debt collection cases. He then participated on the court’s rules committee in his role as president of the MD-DC Creditors Bar Association to work with the Attorney General’s Office and consumers’ bar to get those rules passed into law. They are now the basis for the assigned debt complaint form in all the District Courts of Maryland.

“Setting standards of proof and the establishment of clear rules has reduced complaints and litigation and made the debt collection process transparent and fair for creditors and consumers alike,” Willner said.

He has also worked through the MD-DC Creditors Bar to create settlement dockets for thousands of consumers to avoid a judgement, enter payment plans they could afford and save time in the judicial system.

“In addition to Nathan’s extensive litigation experience, his advocacy for creditors’ rights, and the independence of the practice of law have been felt on both the state and federal level,” said Del. Dalya Attar, also an assistant state’s attorney in Baltimore.

Willner earned his bachelor’s from Temple University and his J.D. from the University of Maryland Francis King Carey School of Law. He was a member of two Baltimore mayors’ transitions teams and has traveled three times taking business leaders, government appointees and elected officials to Israel, including then-Gov. Martin O’Malley on an economic development mission of Israel and Jordan in 2014.

He also was the co-chair of a community conversation initiative for five years that brought together North West Baltimore residents representing both the Black and Orthodox Jewish communities.

“I have always been proud to have been fighting for equity and inclusion before it was routine,” Willner said.

I have always been proud to have been fighting for equity and inclusion before it was routine.”

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