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Daily Record Staff//April 29, 2022


By Daily Record Staff

//April 29, 2022



The 14th president of Notre Dame of Maryland, Marylou Yam works to provide leadership that fosters an academic environment of excellence, inclusivity and access. Over her tenure she has led the university to develop two five-year strategic plans.

Yam, who has held this position for almost eight years, has long been an advocate for liberal arts education. She began her career as a nurse and a nursing educator and prior to joining Notre Dame worked in various roles at Saint Peter’s College, a Jesuit university in Jersey City, New Jersey. She was the first woman to hold the position of academic dean of the College of Arts and Sciences and School of Business Administration in Saint Peter’s College’s history.

If she were not in the field of education, Yam would return to nursing, specializing in adult health, and would continue to research in the area of domestic violence.

Who was your most significant mentor and what did you learn from that person?
A long-term colleague in higher education was my most significant mentor. He consistently made me feel empowered, pointed me in the direction of resources as well as generously shared his expertise. He served as a role model. I was able to observe his resilience and courage in making tough decisions.

Finally, he gave me opportunities to practice leadership. I had the chance to engage in projects and committee work that promoted my professional and personal growth and career advancement.

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