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Del. J. Sandy Bartlett

Delegate (D-32)
The Maryland House of Delegates

There are as many as five generations in the workplace currently. All are very different in needs and the way they communicate. How do you lead through collaboration with all generations and the strengths you find in each one? In particular in the new workplace normal we are working through now how are the generations coming together differently to succeed as a team?

My staff is undoubtedly a reflection of five generations of people currently in the workplace. We range from a high school junior to a “Legacy Leader” volunteer with a Ph.D. For me, successfully leading my varied staff in a collaborative way is, first and foremost, about recognizing that we all share the same goal: to best serve the residents of Legislative District 32, as well as all Marylanders. Then, with that common ground established, we identify and maximize everyone’s individual strengths in order to best accomplish the day’s work.

Why is community service critical to your career and your personal leadership journey?

I was passionate about serving my community long before taking office in the Maryland House of Delegates in 2019, and throughout the duration of my first term that passion has only intensified. This is because I’ve seen firsthand the difference that sound public policy can make in the lives of others, and I’ve been inspired time and time again by realizing what can be achieved if people are willing to come together.