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John Goode | Evergreen Advisors

John Goode was named to the CFO Advisory Practice of Evergreen Advisors, a middle-market investment bank and corporate advisory firm, with offices in Columbia and McLean, Virginia.

Goode has fostered his executive financial management experience through strategic roles as a COE/CFO for a large regional construction company and several professional IT-based companies in the Mid-Atlantic region. John has prominent experience in the following industries: construction, oil and gas production, information technology, CFO consulting, public accounting, radio broadcasting, and government contracting. John earned dual Bachelor of Arts degrees in Accounting and Business Administration from Loyola College (now Loyola University) in Baltimore, Maryland, and is a Certified Public Account in the State of Maryland.

Evergreen Advisors‘ CFO Practice provides financial leadership, strategy and guidance to assist the needs of emerging and growth-focused companies along the various stages of their growth continuum. We ensure that companies understand the financial impact of their key decisions to maximize ROI and meet their goals. Whether we are working with an early-stage company to build their infrastructure but are not ready for a full-time CFO or a later-stage company that needs special assistance, our Evergreen Advisors CFOs will work as a senior member of a management team to provide strategic guidance and oversee day-to-day operations.