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Use the 3-day weekend to accomplish … nothing

Heading into this three-day weekend I spoke to my husband, who suggested that I take my work laptop home so we could work on some IT issues over the weekend. I told him, “No, I need a break.”

So the topic of this blog is the importance of rest. We work in a very demanding and stressful profession where people literally pay us to worry about their worries for them! And so often busyness is glorified. Doing nothing is almost unthinkable. Even on the weekends, I tend to trade one stress for another, work for kids or cleaning or organizing or cooking.

I love these three-day weekends because I can take a little extra rest for myself without wondering if I am missing work.  Because there’s no work happening!

So I challenge you to rest to the fullest extent that your circumstances allow. Turn off work emails this weekend. In fact, hide your phone, even if only for a few hours. Don’t clean anything. Don’t write anything. Don’t do anything. Meditate if you want. I don’t know.

Trust me, nothing much is happening so you don’t need to have FOMO.  In order for us to work to our highest potential we need to allow ourselves to rest and recharge. Being lawyers is tough, and you can’t be your best lawyer or your best self when you let your battery get down to zero.

Here’s to a relaxing summer.