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As president and CEO of Baltimore Gas & Electric, Carim Khouzami is focused on building and maintaining an inclusive culture in the workplace, which, in turn, Khouzami said, helps his employees provide safe and reliable service to BGE’s customers.

Khouzami has only held his current positions at BGE for two and a half years – previously serving as chief operating officer of Exelon Utilities – but he grew up in Baltimore and remains deeply committed to giving back to the community.

What’s the most important thing you do in your job?

Our employees must feel safe and proud to work at BGE, so I’m focused on building an inclusive culture. This also helps us to provide safe and reliable service to our customers who expect and deserve the best. I keep our team laser focused on meeting their expectations.

Who was your most significant mentor, and what did you learn from that person?

When I look back, I think about many people who gave me opportunities to grow and helped shape me. I also appreciate Exelon COO Calvin Butler impressing upon me the importance of setting uncomfortable goals and engaging the community in a way that can be considered beyond what is expected.

If you weren’t in this industry, what would you be doing?

I started my career working in investment banking in New York City, so it’s possible that I could still be on Wall Street, but I don’t think that would have been nearly as fulfilling. I really enjoy the outdoors – skiing and mountain biking – so in an alternate life I’d spend a lot of time in the mountains. But really, my dream job after growing up in Baltimore is playing center field for the Orioles.