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As founding dean of the Notre Dame of Maryland University School of Pharmacy, Anne Lin has worked to improve patient access to pharmacy services while also providing her students an active role in patient care as they are mentored by registered pharmacists – a training model that is viewed as a “best practice” by the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists.

This model kicked into overdrive with the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, as Lin, alongside faculty, staff and students at NDMU, participated in talks educating both the on-campus and off-campus community about COVID-19 and manufactured hand sanitizers when there was no supply.

When vaccines became available, Lin mobilized clinical faculty and student pharmacists, who were certified early to provide a vaccination workforce, and NDMU hosted an eight-day mass vaccination clinic serving the greater Baltimore region, where almost 4,000 people received their first or second dose.

Under Lin’s leadership, NDMU also hosted an on-campus COVID-19 vaccine booster clinic, as well as a flu vaccine clinic, and student pharmacists participated in mass vaccination clinics across the Baltimore region that helped vaccinate tens of thousands of people. Additionally, NDMU was selected as a site for the PBS documentary “Vaccination from the Misinformation Virus,” within which Lin spoke about the safety and importance of vaccines. NDMU was the only school of pharmacy featured in the documentary.

Lin, who went into the health care field with a goal to “educate the next generation of pharmacists,” also instills the value of giving back to the community to her students, requiring them to be involved in community service projects during their time in the School of Pharmacy.

Lin is an elected member of the American Pharmacists Association’s Task Force on Structural Racism in Pharmacy.

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