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Md. bar counsel asks to suspend Ravenell’s law license

Maryland Bar Counsel Lydia E. Lawless. (Submitted Photo)

Maryland’s Attorney Grievance Commission is seeking a suspension of Baltimore lawyer Kenneth W. Ravenell’s law license after his sentencing Wednesday on a federal money laundering charge.

Once a prominent criminal defense attorney, Ravenell is set to begin a prison sentence of nearly five years in October.

Bar Counsel Lydia E. Lawless on Thursday filed notice of Ravenell’s conviction, which did not become final until his sentencing, with Maryland’s Court of Appeals.

Download (PDF, 3.16MB)

The notice also asks the high court to suspend Ravenell’s law license.

Maryland bar counsel can petition for disciplinary action when a lawyer is convicted of a “serious crime” and request a temporary suspension of the lawyer’s law license until sentencing takes place. The Court of Appeals decides on temporary suspensions and any future discipline.

In this case, the Court of Appeals allowed Ravenell to continue practicing law in the months between his conviction and sentencing.

Ravenell also plans to appeal his conviction on the federal money laundering charge, which relates to allegations that he helped “wash” nearly $2 million in drug money for a former criminal defense client.