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For nearly three decades, Don W. Lewis has served as the Aberdeen Proving Ground Federal Credit Union’s president and CEO. Only the second individual to serve as the financial institution’s president, Lewis has helped to grow the credit union’s footprint including reaching $2 billion in assets, expanding membership to nearly 150,000 and increasing their community involvement.

What’s the most important thing you do in your job?

Helping people prosper by empowering them with the knowledge, opportunity and tools needed to make wise financial choices and build wealth. We invest heavily in financial education, especially among youth. This is rare for a financial institution, but is the key to generational wealth building. By providing the know-how, along with consumer-friendly products for borrowing and saving, we empower people to achieve financial success and to pass it on to their children and grandchildren.

Who was your most significant mentor and what did you learn from that person?

A national division director I worked for early in my career put me in a three-year program, where I rotated every six months, working for a different leader. Each had a successful, yet different, leadership style and was in a varying stage of their career. This showed me there are many ways to look at things and do things. One isn’t necessarily better than another. Each can be powerful and effective.