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Since entering the financial services industry in 1985, Harry O’Mealia has held executive positions at U.S. Trust Company, JP Morgan and Tiedemann Trust Company. He is the chief executive officer and president of 1919 Investment Counsel.

He has previously served as president of the publishing venture Black River Media and family business O’Mealia Outdoor Advertising Company as well as serving as an corporate department associate at Lowenstein Sandler.

With a dedication to the community, O’Mealia gives his time to numerous organizations including serving as a board member for the New Jersey Community Foundation and chairing the finance and investment committees. He has previous served as past board member to a number of institutions including the Baltimore Urban Debate League, the Maryland Science Center, the NJN — New Jersey’s public television and radio network and the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra.

His Irish roots trace back to Westport, Mayo and he claims Gráinne Ní Mháille, the pirate queen, as an ancestor. His family meandered to the United States in stages beginning in the early 19th century and he claimed Irish citizenship through his grandmother Agnes McDonnell Holmes.

Irish quirks are his family’s behavioral norms and he says he wouldn’t have it any other way.