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James Aryee takes his responsibilities as a financial services professional very seriously.

As a senior vice president and regional market manager for FNB Corporation, Aryee leads retail and small business operations in the metropolitan Washington area, and he has seen firsthand the impact of a timely loan or line of credit to a well-positioned business, an impact he says is “magnified” when that assistance goes to a woman-, veteran- or minority-owned business.

“Any opportunity to provide access to capital to business owners is very important,” said Aryee, who has been with FNB since 2014.

Prior to his role at FNB, Aryee held a position at Satander Bank, N.A.

If he was not in the banking industry, Aryee said he would be an entrepreneur in the federal contracting space since he is “very passionate” about business and entrepreneurship.

Who was your most significant mentor and what did you learn from that person?

David Miree, who was recently named Global Head of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at JP Morgan Chase is my most significant mentor. He hired me into banking about 20 years ago as a young branch manager and definitely influenced my perspective on leadership-and life as a whole. He introduced me to the concept of Emotional Intelligence and the power of being measured in challenging situations, rather than allowing your emotions to take over- leading to better outcomes for all.