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Columbia cybersecurity firm Visionist awarded four-year, $70M prime contract

Columbia-based cybersecurity firm Visionist Friday was awarded a four-year, single award $70 million prime contract from the Department of Defense to develop and support a voice-based processing application for both national and tactical intelligence missions.

This contract modernizes a currently deployed system, establishing a next-generation software and hardware capability at hundreds of sites worldwide. Modernization activities include technology refresh, a modernized user interface, streamlined user workflows, improved enrichments and integration of state-of-the-art voice analytics.

The Visionist team will initially bring more than 30 technical professionals from across industry to drive analytic discovery and support application development. Additional technical services are expected to be added over the next two years.

Visionist specializes in making sense of large and complex data sets. Its unique and modern analytic solutions help customers to better analyze, visualize, and take action on their data. Since 2010, Visionist has been a trusted partner to several governmental agencies, helping them tackle their most challenging problems in cyber, signals and open-source intelligence.