Heather Townsend

Daily Record Staff//August 24, 2022

Heather Townsend

By Daily Record Staff

//August 24, 2022

Heather Townsend

Even Health LLC

Heather Townsend wants to talk about mental health.

“Every time mental health is acknowledged and spoken about, it brings us a tiny step closer to making it accessible, ultimately helping us to feel a little less alone,” Townsend said.

Townsend is the co-founder of Even Health, a mental wellness company that discretely connects military servicemembers and healthcare professionals, among other clients, with mental health services. Townsend, who has struggled with depression and mental health issues, created Even Health to help people in careers where there might be an environment of stigma around seeking help.

What do you think is the number one challenge working women face?

She is particularly attuned to the challenges women face in the workplace, like imposter syndrome, and pay disparities, among others, which in turn can negatively impact mental health.

To help combat these challenges, Townsend has committed to mentoring other women in their professional roles, as well as in other volunteer capacities. In 2019, when she held a position on the executive board of Women in eDiscovery, an organization for women interested in technology related to the legal profession, she worked to publish a salary survey that provided women in the industry information about experience, title, compensation, and benefits for different jobs.

“I wish I could tell all the working women out there that it’s okay to not be okay, you are not alone, and give yourself grace because you are doing a lot. You are enough, and you deserve more, not less,” Townsend said.

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