Samantha Haines

Daily Record Staff//August 24, 2022

Samantha Haines

By Daily Record Staff

//August 24, 2022

Samantha Haines

Tax Director

Rosen, Sapperstein & Friedlander (RS&F)

Samantha Haines hopes her leading by example will give future female leaders the confidence to pursue their dreams. She supports young staff members at the business consulting and accounting firm where she initially served as an intern, eventually becoming associate to tax director.

Haines is also a mentor at Towson University’s MentHER program, showing young women they belong in board rooms and on senior leadership teams. “I have a voice (and not a particularly quiet one), and over the years this has both served me well and maybe caused some conflict. Regardless, I don’t shy away from giving my opinion or fighting for what I believe is right,” Haines said. “I hope the women I’ve met throughout my career are inspired to do the same.”

What do you think is the No. 1 challenge working women face?

A mother of two children, Haines said the No. 1 challenge working women face is feeling like they have to do it all.

“I think more than just societal pressures, as women, we tend to put more pressure on ourselves in this regard. I know I struggle with this but have also learned throughout my career that it is OK to say no or ask for help on occasion,” Haines said.

“It is not only OK to prioritize yourself, but it is necessary.  You will ultimately be a better & more effective employee, wife, mother, etc. if you do so.”.

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