Sarah Ryan

Daily Record Staff//August 24, 2022

Sarah Ryan

By Daily Record Staff

//August 24, 2022

Sarah Ryan

Assistant Vice President of Community Engagement


As assistant vice president of community engagement for SECU, Sarah Ryan oversees the state credit union’s corporate and philanthropic programs. Ryan also serves as the director of the SECU Maryland Foundation, the credit union’s foundational arm that serves to empower and better the community.

Ryan believes her purpose is to inspire others to be the best version of themselves and achieve great things.

“Every day I wake up ready to spearhead our corporate and philanthropic programs at SECU. I understand that each decision I make can lead to something even greater. Whether empowering access to education for students, supporting health and wellness initiatives, or serving as a catalyst for community development. I know that I am doing my best to make the world a little better than it was the day before,” she said.

Ryan spearheads SECU’s Annual Kindness Campaign encouraging employees, members, and the community to participate in random acts of kindness. In 2021, the campaign spurred nearly 100,000 random acts of kindness across Maryland and 13 other states.

Ryan received her bachelor’s in business administration from the University of Delaware and is a recipient of SECU’s Community Star Award.

“I am a leader that strives to build meaningful relationships and leads with my heart in all that I do in an effort to be the best partner, she said.

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