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Saltzberg & Schloss Partner Eric N. Schloss enjoys being a trial lawyer and helping victims of negligence throughout Maryland, Virginia and Washington gain compensation for their injuries.

Over the past 27 years in his work at high-volume personal injury firms, Schloss has litigated auto negligence cases in every courthouse in Maryland except Kent County.

In 2021, Schloss was named the 68th president of the Maryland Association for Justice, the largest specialty bar association in Maryland with 1,200 members.

What is one aspect of your profession you would like to change?
I believe Maryland is one of only five jurisdictions that does not require mandatory continuing legal education. It is time for Maryland to require attorneys to complete on an ongoing basis additional learning. I am admitted to also practice law in Virginia where there is mandatory CLE (Continuing Legal Education). I have never found it to be a financial burden to complete 12 hours each year of CLE. I also have never felt it was a burden on my practice to find the time to complete the mandatory CLE each year.

If you weren’t in this industry, what would you be doing?
While growing up in the Norfolk/Virginia Beach area, I spent my summers in high school and college working for lawn maintenance and landscaping companies. I would have picked a different major in college that would have provided me with the education and background that would be helpful in allowing me to start my own lawn maintenance/landscaping company in my hometown.