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Md. Tech Council adds fifth company to Venture Mentoring Services program

The Maryland Tech Council on Thursday added Rapid Dose Therapeutics Corp. to its Venture Mentoring Services program offered in partnership with the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service in Washington.

Rapid Dose Therapeutics, a Burlington, Ontario-based biotechnology company involved in drug delivery through innovation, was one of five Canadian companies chosen for the program.

The MTC’s Venture Mentoring Services program is a comprehensive, team mentor approach with an ultimate goal to help a company grow faster by providing advice and fostering introductions with federal laboratories, academic and research institutions, biopharmaceutical companies and investors in the BioHealth Capital Region of Maryland, Virginia and Washington.

The company is keen to continue advancing its plans related to the broad-scale commercialization of the oral thin film technology. RDT is currently working on a number of key initiatives, including:

  • Global vaccination efforts – The flexibility of the oral thin film technology to deliver vaccines in a format that does not require sophisticated cold-chain storage or needles makes it a novel option to support global vaccination targets, a problem that has been identified as critical based on the experiences of the current COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Pharmaceutical applications – RDT’s oral thin film technology delivers a wide range of active pharmaceutical ingredients. As announced on April 26, RDT and Skycare Compounding Labs are currently developing medical and dental products for clinical patient applications.
  • Nutraceutical and vitamin uses – RDT’s QuickStrip brand of vitamin and nutraceutical supplements are distributed and sold through multiple Canadian retail chains.

Over the next six months, Rapid Dose Therapeutics will have the opportunity to work with, collaborate and learn from the following three mentors who have been trained to use the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Venture Mentoring Services curriculum:

Jonathan Kay – Seasoned senior executive and trusted advisor to C-suite executives in the biotech, pharmaceuticals and medical devices sectors. Experienced mentor with significant experience advising and supporting strategy development, implementation and commercialization to companies with innovations that help solve clinical and economic unmet needs in health care.

Steen Nissen – Results orientated leader in both start-up companies and global organizations and a proven track record of creating and managing strong and motivated teams. He has an in-depth understanding of building start-up companies, of technology development and commercialization, and business development. He has a truly global background with experience in North & South America, Europe, and China/Asia and he has worked extensively with business development in new and emerging markets.

Seth Silber – Focuses on advancing clients in the pharmaceutical and healthcare markets, including support with patent settlements, M&A and anticompetitive conduct. He was previously with the Federal Trade Commission.