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Culta, Fluence use LED light on new medical marijuana strains

Culta, Fluence use LED light on new medical marijuana strains

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Culta, a Maryland-based cannabis company, has formed a partnership with Fluence, a global provider of energy-efficient LED lighting solutions for commercial cannabis and food production, to create indoor- and outdoor-grown cannabis products. As the first medicinal cannabis distributor to grow outdoors in Maryland, Culta has led the charge in using science and innovative technology to cultivate best-in-class products for its patients.

Its growing operation is split between indoor rooms and three acres of outdoor cropland at its Cambridge processing facility, which also houses the state’s first on-site culture lab for genetic cannabis tissue. The company delivers products to patients at its Baltimore dispensary and many partner dispensaries statewide.

Demand for medical cannabis in Maryland has exploded since the state first legalized medical cannabis sales to registered patients in 2017, with a commensurate increase in state-issued grower, processor and dispensary licenses leading to more marketplace competition than ever.

Culta turned to Fluence’s LED technology to enhance its indoor operations and genetic library, cementing its status as an industry frontrunner in producing premium cannabis strains for patients and developing new and unique terpene combinations for high-quality medicine.

Jay Bouton, senior director of cultivation at Culta, said the LED technology has helped increase its output in each grow space by allowing the company to go vertical and the high-intensity lighting also enables the company to push its plants harder than it ever have before. Culta is using Fluence LEDs to increase the amount of plant photosynthesis during peak growth periods and have experienced increased potency, yields and success as a result.

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