Christopher Ripley

Daily Record Staff//November 3, 2022

Christopher Ripley

By Daily Record Staff

//November 3, 2022

Christopher Ripley

President and CEO
Sinclair Broadcast Group

As president and CEO, Christopher Ripley strives to set a daily example with his leadership philosophy at Sinclair Broadcast Group to be a market leader in every category that Sinclair operates within as a media company.

Ripley knows it takes resolve to pursue excellence by building an outstanding team with the vision to identify growth opportunities that will shape a company and industry.

Under Ripley’s leadership, Sinclair seeks to shape the future of the broadcast and media industry by identifying competitive opportunities for Sinclair to secure its market leadership position through technical and engineering excellence, as well as compelling content and innovative customized delivery solutions.

Ripley’s strategic entrepreneurial vision was pivotal as he led the traditional news company into the sports world with the acquisition of the Tennis Channel, creation of Marquee Sports Networks, acquisition of Fox regional Sports Networks and a strategic partnership with Bally Sports to change the future of direct-to-consumer sports content delivery and gamification for Consumers.

Ripley’s transformation of local and regional sports to a direct-to-consumer, interactive model under the Bally Sports brand delivers entertainment and gamification choices for sports fans with roughly 5,000 live local professional sports broadcasts each year including more than half of all MLB, NHL and NBA teams. He also oversaw Sinclair’s recent development and launch of its new digital broadcast technology, NextGen TV, providing new and improved ways to reach viewers with vital news and content, mobile tools, educational services for students and emergency messages, such as detailed evacuation routing.

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