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Hope Health Systems hit with potential data privacy breach

Hope Health Systems Inc. (HHS), a private company in Gwynn Oak providing health and wellness services, on Tuesday began providing notice of a data security event that potentially affects the data privacy of certain individuals who receive services from HHS.

On June 20, HHS discovered encrypted files on certain computer systems. The company launched an investigation with the assistance of third-party cybersecurity and digital forensic specialists to determine the nature and scope of the incident.

The investigation determined that there was unauthorized access to certain HHS servers beginning on June 10. On or about Aug. 24, HHS determined it was unable to rule out unauthorized access to data stored on its affected systems. The investigation found no evidence that specific information was actually viewed by an unauthorized individual, but the investigation was unable to rule this activity out with absolute certainty.

As access to data stored within its system could not be ruled out, HHS undertook a review of the data at issue, which was completed on or about Oct. 18. While HHS does not have any evidence of misuse of any consumer information in connection with this incident, HHS is providing notice of the event so potentially affected individuals may take steps to better protect their personal information, should they feel it is appropriate to do so.

Information security remains one of the highest priorities for HHS. The company is evaluating its existing policies, procedures and processes, including those related to cybersecurity, to determine whether additional measures are appropriate in an effort to reduce the likelihood of a similar future event.

The information potentially at risk varies by individual. HHS continues efforts to understand the full impact of the event. While those efforts remain underway, the information potentially at risk may include the following types of information related to certain consumers: name, address, date of birth, Social Security number, driver’s license number, health insurance information, and medical information.

HHS is notifying potentially affected individuals via a posting on its website, which is available at HHS will provide direct notice to potentially affected individuals for whom we have address information beginning on or about Nov. 21.

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