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Sheela Murthy

Daily Record Staff//December 12, 2022

Sheela Murthy

By Daily Record Staff

//December 12, 2022

Sheela Murthy

Murthy Law Firm

“Challenges are opportunities, often disguised as challenges to help us learn and become stronger!”
– Shella Murthy

At the forefront of U.S. immigration law is Sheela Murthy, CEO and founder of the Murthy Law Firm.

A graduate of Harvard Law School, Murthy began her legal career working as a real estate and corporate law attorney in New York City. In 1989, she and her husband, who are from India, moved to Baltimore where she began to learn more about immigration law as she worked to secure their green cards.

In 1994, she founded the Murthy Law Firm working from her dining room table and grew the firm into one of the world’s leading immigration law firms.

Murthy considers her greatest accomplishment to be creating a law firm that helps others to achieve their own versions of “The American Dream” and continuing to focus on helping our clients while taking care of our team at the firm,” she said.

“My own stressful immigration process along with my passion to support others going through that journey, helped us to create the vision and mission for the firm. We wanted to create a law firm that was client focused and not fee driven. The Murthy Law Firm has opened doors for so many lawyers and law firms to be mentored through our website and we help people to live their dream of living and working in the United States,” she continued.

Her philosophy about meeting her greatest challenges gives her a unique take on how they have help shape her philosophy. “Challenges are opportunities, often disguised as challenges to help us learn and become stronger! A recent challenge, like for so many others, was the COVID pandemic. It required quick decisions to be made with little time to weigh the pros and cons.”

This is an honoree profile from The Daily Record's Icon Honors awards.


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