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A new Amy is now running media relations stalwart PROFILES

Amy Burke Friedman, left, and Amy Elias. (Submitted Photo)

Amy Burke Friedman is the new CEO of PROFILES, the 33-year-old media relations firm that has become among the most prominent in the Baltimore region.

Friedman takes over from the firm’s founder, Amy Elias, who started the company with a single client (W.B. Doner and Company) in 1990. Today the firm represents a variety of businesses, nonprofits, associations, law firms and executives and offers clients a broad range of media relations guidance, event planning, crisis management and branding assistance.

Elias will continue to support the firm as a consultant and work with select clients to further their goals and objectives, the company said in a news release.

Burke Friedman, who assumed the CEO’s role on Jan. 1,  joined the company in 2003 as a junior account executive and continued to rise through the ranks. She was named president of the firm in 2015, the same year as the firm’s 25th anniversary. Since then, she has played an integral role in day-to-day business operations while spearheading the firm’s business development program and supporting its strategic direction.

“Having Amy as a mentor for the last 20 years has prepared me to take on this new role,” said Burke Friedman. “I look forward to continuing the legacy she built with this next chapter in PROFILES’ story.”

Elias said the agency she started is in good hands.

“No matter the challenge, no matter the odds, or the competition, or the pressures of time, Amy and I have worked together to always find a solution. We arm the client with a way to win in the marketplace – of commerce or opinion or both,” said Elias. “Furthermore, I have never worked with anyone as determined to do that as Amy Burke Friedman. So, it should come as no surprise that, I officially pass the baton to my protégé.”