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Coppin awarded $4M to broaden high-speed internet access

Coppin State University President Anthony L. Jenkins.

Coppin State University is among 12 minority-serving colleges and universities that will receive $33.5 million in federal money to expand broadband internet access to underserved communities, officials said Monday.

Federal, state and university officials made the announcement at a ceremony at Coppin, which will receive nearly $4 million as part of the program.

“The internet and mobile technology are critical tools for accessing and sharing information every day,” said Coppin State University President Anthony L. Jenkins. “Socioeconomic status should not determine access, or opportunities for individuals or our communities, in Baltimore or anywhere else.”

Coppin’s “Connect Eagle Nation” project is a collaborative pilot program designed to close the digital gap in Baltimore. Project activities include:  

  • Purchase of laptops for targeted community recipients.  
  • Creation of curriculum for a Cyber Apprenticeship Program aimed at achieving industry certification.  
  • Launch of a Digital Navigator program to help community members acquire devices and technical skills. 
  • Creation of a collaboration between the Coppin School of Nursing and Baltimore County to provide health and technology assessment in Baltimore County and Baltimore City.  
  • Launch of a planning and capacity building committee that will map services to analyze community readiness and broadband needs. 

 “Establishing this level of connectivity in Baltimore will help empower our communities, improve education, and promote skills training and workforce development to help grow our economy,” said Gov. Wes Moore.

The federal program is run by the Department of Commerce’s National Telecommunications and Information Administration and is part of the Biden-Harris Administration’s Internet for All initiative.