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FEATURED MOVER | Nicole Bontrager, The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp

The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp announced Nicole Bontrager as its first Maryland camp director to run all aspects of programming at its second location on Maryland’s Eastern Shore.

She first joined the camp community in 2016 as the family and parent coordinator and as camp director, Bontrager will be responsible for all aspects of the camp program, including hiring, recruitment, training, program development, volunteer coordination and food services. Founded in 1988 by Paul Newman, The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp provides “a different kind of healing” to more than 20,000 seriously ill children and family members annually – all completely free of charge.

Nicole Bontrager, Hole in the Wall Gang Camp director on the Eastern Shore.


Resides in:



My undergraduate education was at Bluffton University in Youth Ministry and Recreation. I have a master’s degree in Clinical and Mental Health Counseling from Adams State University.

If you had not chosen your current profession, what profession would you choose and why?  

Creativity has always been a key component of my work life. Currently, I channel that creativity in the designing of events and programs for children and families. In another life, perhaps I would go into graphic or interior design.

Favorite vacation:  

The best vacations, for me, include intentional time with friends. This past fall, I was able to host my best friends for a week of small-town adventures, laughter and good food.

When I want to relax, … :  

I send postcards. It’s a hobby I picked up a few years ago, through a program called Postcrossing. You send and receive postcards from all around the globe and connect with new people and cultures.

Favorite book, movies:

I really enjoy science fiction books and fantasy movies. When I’ve had a tough day, it’s nice to escape into stories of other worlds and realities. With that in mind, my favorite movie is “Star Wars – Return of the Jedi.:

Favorite quotation:

“What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.” – Jane Goodall