Eric Luedtke

Daily Record Staff//February 28, 2023

Eric Luedtke

By Daily Record Staff

//February 28, 2023


Power 40 Government & LobbyingEric Luedtke

Chief Legislative Officer, Legislative Office of Gov. Wes Moore

Eric Luedtke joined Gov. Wes Moore’s administration in January as chief legislative officer. The former majority leader in the House of Delegates has come a long way his career since he started in 2004 as a social studies teacher in Montgomery County Public Schools.

He moved to the University of Maryland School of Public Policy in 2015 where he was an adjunct professor for four years, then became an associate clinical professor.

Luedtke, who earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the University of Maryland, was a delegate representing Montgomery County from 2011 to January 2023. He was majority leader starting in 2019.

What is the most valuable habit you have developed?

I get up earlier than anyone else in my household. It’s time I use to organize my schedule and my priorities for the day. It also allows me to get a head start on reading and writing, and self-care, including exercise and reflection.

What is the most difficult lesson you have learned?

Fill your own cup first. Driven individuals tend to be so focused on getting the job done that they aren’t conscious enough of their own needs. And over time, the failure to address your own needs wears away at your effectiveness and ability to perform at a high level.  Simple things like adequate sleep, eating right and exercise have to be made priorities.

What is the biggest challenge facing government leaders in Maryland?

State government has been allowed to atrophy over the past few years. In addition to the high vacancy rates in many state agencies, there has been a brain drain as experienced leaders have fled for employment elsewhere. Our government cannot provide quality services if the challenges in the state workforce are not resolved.

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