Nancy J. King

Daily Record Staff//February 28, 2023

Nancy J. King

By Daily Record Staff

//February 28, 2023


Power 40 Government & LobbyingNancy J. King

Senate Majority Leader, Maryland Senate

Nancy J. King, a state senator for 15 years and majority leader for three years, never tires of fighting for a better life for Marylanders. Education has been a special interest, starting when her children attended Montgomery County public schools, where she volunteered and eventually worked to be president of the school board.

She’s fought for education statewide, including expanding pre-kindergarten programs and helping pass legislation that ensured professional development options for teachers and allowed libraries to license e-books and other digital content.

The most difficult challenge, she said, was realizing she can’t fix everything. “Being in public service for most of my adult life, and being a person who truly enjoys helping people, it was a hard lesson to learn that as much as I try, I can’t help everyone.”

What is the most valuable habit you have developed?

Smiling. There is the old cliche that it takes more muscles to frown than to smile, but clichés aside, I think a habit of smiling has made me friendlier and more empathetic. And I know that it has made people I meet more comfortable and at ease.

What is the biggest challenge facing government leaders in Maryland?

While there has been distrust and anger with government from the earliest days of our country, the current vitriol of “us or them,” “good guys and bad guys,” is a real detriment to our state and country. No person or group has all the answers. It is only in an environment of shared ideas, common decency and respect that we can move forward.

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