Wes Moore

Daily Record Staff//February 28, 2023

Wes Moore

By Daily Record Staff

//February 28, 2023


Power 40 Government & LobbyingWes Moore

Governor, State of Maryland

Gov. Wes Moore highlighted the challenges facing Marylanders in his first State of the State address on Feb. 1, with an emphasis on rebuilding the state workforce. “Building a workforce of dedicated public servants saves us the expense of costly contractors and external vendors, and if properly managed, delivers us better results,” he said.

The governor has also made expansion of public service, including a service year option for high school students, another cornerstone by creating the Department of Service and Civic Innovation to increase service among young people. “This was not a stunt,” Moore said. “This was not because it sounded nice. This was because it is a fundamental part of who I am and it is in the DNA of this state.”

What is the biggest challenge facing government leaders in Maryland?

Getting our government back on track. We have around 10,000 vacancies in the state government, including over 6,000 in the executive branch. We’re working to fill those vacancies as quickly as we can because Marylanders deserve a full functioning government that’s working around the clock.

What is the most valuable habit you have developed?

My most valuable habit is constant communication. Through my experiences as an executive, and especially now as governor, I’ve learned you have to constantly communicate with everyone: colleagues, stakeholders, community partners.

The only way to create a Maryland where no one is left behind is to involve all groups in the conversation, and that’s a habit I plan on keeping.

What is the most difficult lesson you have learned?

There are not enough hours in the day. The challenges we face are monumental, but so are the opportunities to transform our state. No matter how much we work, there are only so many hours in a day, so we have to be thorough and deliberate in our choices. I promise Maryland we’re spending all of those hours fighting for a more competitive and equitable home for everyone.

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