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Michael Binko | Think

Michael Binko | Think

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Think announced the appointment of Michael Binko as managing director for venture services | innovation | ecosystems.

In this new leadership role, Binko will refine, and drive Think services to support organizations and ecosystems concentrating on high-growth-minded entrepreneurs, lines-of-business, and innovative ventures.

Binko brings a wealth of experience to Think having spent decades in the technology sector and helping build venture capital, startup and entrepreneur communities across numerous industry sectors and innovation categories.

A serial entrepreneur, active investor, and leadership mentor, Binko has a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing both investors and leadership teams. Binko has a proven track record of helping technology companies scale and achieve success with primary concentration on attracting the right team to deliver revenue and profit at-scale.

Binko will collaborate with Gruebl and Think President of Commercial Services Joe Poling to pool expertise, resources, and partnerships to identify and engage with investment firms, ventures and ecosystem support organizations. Together, they will leverage the company’s expertise to forge more efficient ecosystems that choose to refine innovation and inflect ventures.

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