This Maryland legislation would protect people and pets

Editorial Advisory Board//March 22, 2023

This Maryland legislation would protect people and pets

By Editorial Advisory Board

//March 22, 2023

Last week The Baltimore Sun and WMAR 2 News reported an unprecedented number of animals being surrendered  to local animal shelters because of  the rapid rise in evictions. A record-setting 828 pets arrived at the Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter in January alone.

With  approximately 72% of Maryland renters having  companion animals and many being challenged with housing insecurities the traumatic additional loss of their pet could be remedied with the passage of HB102/SB279.

Maryland  HB102/SB279 creates a process that ensures pet owners are provided with the resources and information necessary to reunify with their pets in the event they are separated during eviction.  Local shelters report many families arrive with no information about  their pets and sadly most are never located.

Surrenders from animal control also arrive with no information on the property from which they are taken. And tragically, some pets are left languishing in abandoned homes and apartments.

The  bipartisan bill requires The Maryland Department of Agriculture  to develop, publish and update regularly a fact sheet on the care and protection of animals in the event of eviction or loss of possession of property. This  information would be available on the MDA website and at the execution of a lease the landlord would include a description of the fact sheet and its location on the website.

When issuing specified warrants, the Maryland Judiciary would include a description and location of the fact sheet on the MDA website as well.

Further, when possession of real property is delivered to the landlord, the sheriff, constable or other official is required to immediately inspect the premises for any pet. If the tenant is not present the official must contact an animal shelter or rescue organization to take custody of the pet and provide notice of their information to the tenant and the tenant’s contact information to the shelter/organization.

The bill prohibits the animal from being left on the premises or put out on the streets.

Due to the expiration of pandemic rental assistance, evictions will only continue to increase.  We strongly encourage the Maryland Legislature to pass this commonsense protection for people and pets.

Editorial Advisory Board member Arthur F. Fergenson did not participate in this opinion.


James B. Astrachan, Chair

James K. Archibald

Gary E. Bair

Andre M. Davis

Eric Easton

Arthur F. Fergenson

Nancy Forster

Susan Francis

Leigh Goodmark

Roland Harris

Julie C. Janofsky

Ericka N. King

Susan F. Martielli

Angela W. Russell

Debra G. Schubert

H. Mark Stichel

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